Asian otters and gibbons 10h15
Giraffes 10h30
Binturongs 10h45
Brazilian tapirs and squirrel monkeys 11h00
Tigers 11h15 - 14h45
Snow leopards 11h45
Private giraffe feeding 12h15
Lemurs 14h30
Dholes 15h15
Wolverines 15h30
Wolf feeding 16h00
Tibetan bear 16h30
Red pandas 17h00
Meerkats 17h30
Lions 17h45
Barbary macaques 18h15

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Alongside our team, come spend some time up close with the animals, observing them and getting to know them better! You'll soon be an expert on all our little residents.

Keeper for a day, family safari, up-close encounter: there are plenty of unforgettable activities for a gift or to treat yourself!

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