Animals: A unique, emotional experience

The Parc Animalier d’Auvergne seeks to be a link, bringing humans and animals closer together. The main goal of the park is to provide a memorable experience filled with emotions. Look at them, looking at you! What a strange sensation it is to exchange a glance with another species! How enchanting it is to become aware of what Nature is capable of…
The animal world is fascinating for all of us, young and old alike, because it is both close to us and yet far away. We are committed to sharing our passion for animals with you. We hope you will have a unique experience through this encounter with animals.

Animals are at the heart of our concerns

The Auvergne Animal Park wants to play the role of the guardian of animal heritage. Our vocation, as an animal park, is to participate in the reproduction and breeding of animals that are becoming extinct, or that belong to European breeding programs, the EEPs. We are careful to offer large spaces and –when possible– we mix different species in the animal habitats. This encourages natural behaviors and facilitates reproduction. It’s also a way to enrich our animals’ lives!

Animals are at the heart of Nature

In Auvergne, in the mountainous Cézallier setting, the park is in a magical location. Some animals understand this well…the animals of our region! We are lucky enough to be neighbors with them. You only have to raise your eyes and you can probably see a Red Kite bird in our skies…This species is on the red list of endangered animals in France, as part of the « threatened » category. We also are hosts to two types of bats, the Lesser Horseshoe Bat and the Greater Mouse-eared Bat.

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