In a few words

The Parc Animalier d’Auvergne covers 25 hectares in the mountains of the Cézallier with more than 70 animal species. Everything is set up for an interactive visit: you’ll have a close-up view of 400 animals from 5 continents. All in a beautiful setting with a superb panorama of the Auvergne region. Total immersion in nature and the animal kingdom.
Our goal: to re-create a link between Man and the Animal World.

As close as it gets

In order to establish this link, our guests are immersed in the animal world with our animal spaces with fewer fences. The habitats of certain species are built so you can walk through them and experience the natural link that unites us…

Learn from them…

We want the visit to be both instructional and fun, so your time spent here is meaningful. We also want you to understand the usefulness of a zoo in today’s world, beyond its playful nature.