New wooden structures and cords for climbing, jumping and having fun!

playgroundsThere are two playgrounds for children ages 5 to 12, one near the top of the park at the Sommet du Monde, and another near the entrance. The playgrounds are open to everyone, but children must be supervised by an adult.
Take a break along the visit, while the kids imitate the acrobatics of the animals!
Our older playground is still here too, never out of style.


Discover our new 5 senses learning trail: a 300 m long path with five stops along the way, for young and old alike. Along the trail, learn more about the animal kingdom through fun and original centres.
First, experiment with touch by reaching into boxes filled with surprises. Guess what animal is hiding behind them!
Listen to the sounds of several animals and match them with their owner.
Put on your exploring cap and try to catch sight of the animals in the landscape.
Take a whiff and match the plants with their odors.
Put your hand into the mouth of a wolf and learn more about the jaws and teeth of your favourite animals.

Join in the fun and let your imagination run wild!