Up-cycle objects that you don’t need anymore!

Here’s a list of various gifts that can help our animals: food, toys and accessories, as well as items for park maintenance.


Food must be unopened and not expired. They can be frozen or fresh, without sauces, butter or salt. It is used for the daily and secondary diets of our primates, porcupines, meerkats, hippos, felines, wolves, bears and otters just to name a few. Useful items include fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, eggs, nuts and dried fruits, honey, jams, syrup, cat and dog food, mealworms and insects.

Cooking equipment

Utensils such as cutting boards, cutlery, latex gloves and pans are used to prepare meat and cook rations for our animals. We can use ice trays to make « candy » from fruit or blood (for our lions, snow leopards and giraffes) and blenders to make smoothies (for our primates and meerkats). Kettles are used for preparing medications that need to be boiled.

Toys and accessories for animals

Feel free to bring dog and cat toys, stuffed animals, ropes, kiddie pools or egg cartons for the animals’ enjoyment. In terms of accessories: bowls, transport cages, litter, feed (straw, hay, alfalfa), washing supplies (towels, blankets) and medical supplies (tweezers, bandages, gauze).

Cleaning supplies

To help keep our facilities and the enclosures clean: bleach, dish soap, sponges, brooms, squeegees, buckets, mops, trash bags, trash cans and paper towels.

Office supplies

To keep records of all our residents and provide supplies for our keepers: pens, pencils, erasers, printer paper, office chairs, filing bins.

Tools and appliances

For park maintenance and cleaning, you can bring us shovels, rakes, fans, extension cords, light bulbs, ladders, tools, toolboxes, wheelbarrows, leaf blowers, brush cutters, metal drums and metal chains. Radios are also welcome to prepare 400 daily meals with gusto!


Up-cycle your old cars, tractors, quads or trailers that we’ll use to transport food to the animals and clean their enclosures.

Thank you for all your donations, from the whole team at the Parc Animalier d’Auvergne!