Sponsor an animal!

Did you enjoy meeting the animals of the park? Protect them in the wild!

Our sponsorship programme is a way to have an up-close relationship with one of our residents, all while supporting conservation efforts in the animal’s natural habitat.

Whether you were fascinated by the height of the Rothschild’s giraffes, enchanted by the gaze of the snow leopards, or taken in by the sweet face of the red pandas, you can make sure that your children and your grandchildren can also have the same chance by helping their cousins in the wild!

As a sponsor, you have a special relationship with your favourite animal. Over the year, you’ll support conservation efforts and improve its natural habitat. The sponsorship makes for an original gift.

All donations directly support the park’s endowment fund, La Passerelle Conservation. In France, donations are tax deductible up to 66 %. Your donation is then used to support different conservation programmes around the world:

  • snow leopards in Central Asia, with the Snow Leopard Trust,
  • red pandas in Nepal, with the Red Panda Network,
  • white-cheeked gibbons with the Anoulak association,
  • Rothschild’s giraffes with the Giraffe Conservation Foundation,
  • Barbary macaques with the Barbary Macaque Awareness association,
  • African lions with the Big Life foundation,
  • Red kites, the icon of threatened wildlife in Auvergne, with numerous associations protecting Auvergne’s biodiversity including the Conservatoire des Espaces Naturels d’Auvergne, Chauve-souris Auvergne, Groupe Mammalogique d’Auvergne and the Observatoire des Reptiles d’Auvergne

In addition to helping the animals in the wild, you’ll receive a gift according to the sum of your donation. Contact us to find out more at: contact@parcanimalierdauvergne.fr