An association that is involved in the protection of species both here in Auvergne and in the wild

Created in 2013, the Passerelle Conservation became an endowment fund in 2015, an organisation acting in the public’s interest. This association supports conservation projects around the world including gibbons in Laos (Anoulak project), snow leopards in Mongolia (Snow Leopard Trust) or red pandas in Nepal (Red Panda Network). We also strive to assist in protecting the endangered species of Auvergne, working together with regional wildlife associations.

Two types of commitments:

1. Taking action to protect species in our region: Auvergne

We know that there are already actions underway to save species in our area, and we want to support these activities. That’s why we are sponsoring and assisting in projects from local associations that help biodiversity.
First, we are lucky enough to welcome two bat colonies to the park: the lesser horseshoe bat and the greater mouse-eared bat. The latter species is very rare and is included in the vulnerable category of threatened species (IUCN). We want to take action and protect this species.
We are also delighted to welcome red kite birds in the skies above the Auvergne Animal Park. This species, which lives near the park, is also on the red list of threatened species in France in the vulnerable category. We don’t want to be simple spectators but want to take concrete action and participate in their conservation.

2. Construct a link between our animals and species in their natural habitats

During your visit, we underline the necessity of protecting species from around the world in the name of biodiversity. We consider the animals in the Auvergne Animal Park to be representatives of their wild cousins, and we want to take action in their respective natural habitats.
We are dedicated to helping local groups to preserve wild fauna. To do so, we are establishing relationships with local associations and we are financing programs that help these species.

If you would like to support our efforts, please visit the page dedicated to our sponsorship programme.

Acting as a link, we want to ensure that animals and humans can truly live together. It’s our responsibility to take action.