Scientific name: Nomascus leucogenys

The males are black with white cheeks, while the females are beige. Like all gibbons, they don’t have a tail. The babies are all born with the same colour! In the first two years, they acquire their definitive colouring.

Did you know?

Expand your vocabulary!

White-cheeked gibbons move mostly from branch to branch; this is called brachiation. These monkeys are arboreal; this means they live in trees.

Key figures

  • Weight: 6 kg
  • Height: 45 to 70 cm
  • Gestation period: 210 days with 1 offspring per litter
  • Life expectancy: 28 years

Keep up hope

A colony of 500 gibbons was discovered in 2011

While numerous species are dying out throughout the world, a new colony of white-cheeked gibbons was recently discovered in Vietnam in the forests of the Pu Mat Nature Park in the north of the country. The Conservation International (CI) researchers were able to find them thanks to their very loud morning sounds. A delight for the scientists who nevertheless still fear the extinction of the species.