Scientific name: Cervus nippon

The sika deer lives in temperate and subtropical forests. It’s easy to distinguish it from other Cervidae. It is smaller than the fallow deer and its antlers are also smaller and simpler. They live in herds of up to 80 individuals.

Did you know?

Incredible sika deer

All the French sika deer are descended from the deer offered to President Carnot by the Japanese emperor during an official visit in 1890. They prospered in diverse parks or pens in which they raised their young. However the main part of the wild population comes from those who escaped from pens or parks, especially after a major storm in 1999.

Key figures

  • Length: 1,20 m long
  • Height: 90 cm high at the shoulders
  • Weight: 50 to 60 kg
  • Life expectancy: 25 years
  • Gestation period: 240 days

Keep up hope

A growing species, but a risk of hybridisation

Neither the parcelling of its habitat nor hunting is a threat to the deer today. Its numbers are growing. Even so, scientists are worried about the genetic mix and hybridisation that's occurring between the European red deer and the sika deer.