Scientific name : Oryctolagus cuniculus

Rabbits are small mammals characterised by their large ears, certainly an adaption to detect predators.  They are often mistakenly classified as rodents, but they belong to the Lagomorhpa order. The difference can be seen in their teeth: rodents have two paris of long incisors, while a lagomorph has two extra little incisors  in the upper jaw.
It is also commun to confuse the rabbit and the hare. The rabbit has a smaller body and smaller ears. As for the hare, its hind legs are much longer than its front legs, helping it leap and run faster.

Did you know?

The Flemish Giant, seen here is the largest of all rabbits! Weighing up to 10 kg, it has a long and muscular body with long, straight ears up to 20 cm long.