Scientific name: Trachypithecus auratus

This long-haired monkey, is glossy black with a brownish tinge on the sides of his body, legs, and sideburns. Females are paler, with a yellowish white patch around the pubic area. Young Javan langurs of both sub-species are orange in colour. They can keep this colour while growing up, but most of them will turn brown.

Did you know?

Love knows no bounds

Langurs are polygamous and live in social groups of around 7 members with 1 or 2 adult males in the group. The male maintains close relationships with all of his females. A female can look after the offspring of other females in the group, but only the mother feeds her young. Young langurs become independent at 1 year old and the adolescent males then leave the group.

Key figures

  • Height: 44 to 75 cm
  • Tail length: 60 to 80 cm
  • Average weight: 7 kg
  • Life expectancy: 20 years in the wild
  • Gestation period: 210 days

Keep up hope

Protected by the law

Their populations are falling because of human activities that are destroying their habitat. But it's also a species that suffers from illegal wildlife trade. Laws protecting the Javan langur were adopted in 1999, and today we can find them in 3 Indonesian national parks.