School groups and summer camps

An unforgettable outing!

Educational workshops
Learning is fun at our 5 workshops!
Guided tours
Discover the park alongside a guide on the theme of your choice!
Sponsor an animal
Help protect endangered species with your students with this concrete action.

Fun Workshops


1 hr


€90 -> 1 hr


30 children maximum


Book your workshop by email at

Fun Workshops


Find out who eats what and learn about adaptations for different diets.

Animal tracks:
Keep track of our animals! What clues do they leave behind?

Budding keepers:
Do keepers keep? What do keepers do every day with the animals?

Feed the animals:
Prepare food and objects to feed the animals. Little ones can discover fresh fruit and vegetables.

The forms of reproduction:
Discover the different forms of reproduction and their stages, from courtship behaviours to taking care of the young.
Learn while having fun
The ideal setting for an outing!
Children can improve their knowledge on an introduction to the animal world with a full curriculum. This program is divided into several workshops and various guided tours for pre-school and primary school aged children.

The themes are presented in a fun and practical way during an hour-long visit by an instructor specialised in education and science. The themes can coincide with the school curriculum or can simply be used to discover new concepts.

Group visits

A great idea for an outing

Come for a self-guided tour of the park with your school, association or sports club. There are preferential rates for groups of 20 people or more, on prior reservation by email to or using our contact form.


The following prices are for groups of 20 people or more:

  • Under 3: free
  • Ages 3 to 9: €10
  • Ages 10 and up: €15

Guided tours


1 or 2 hr


90€ -> 1 hr
170€-> 2 hr


30 people maximum


Book your guided tour by email at

Guided tours


Discover the animals of the Far North:
Head out to discover the Canadian timber wolves, wolverines, elk and reindeer.

Discover the animals of Africa:
Head out to discover the lions, giraffes, meerkats and bushpigs.

Discover endangered species:
Head out to discover the snow leopards, lemurs and red pandas.

Customised guided tour

Want a visit adapted to your tastes? Contact us!
A visit with a guide
Learn all there is to know about our little residents!
Following a chosen theme and with an original spin, the group learns about the animals in the park and helps with feedings. Learn anecdotes about their daily lives and leave with plenty of memories!


To sponsor

Send an email to

Amount of donation


Throughout the year

You’ll receive news about Ibet and Mushu, the park's red pandas.


Species available to sponsor

Red pandas
African lions
Tibetan bears
Snow leopards

In return

Your class will receive: 
A certificate of sponsorship
An information sheet
The name of your class on our list of honour
A stuffed animal
The name of the class on a plate in front of the enclosure
An educational activity for the chosen species
Adopt the animal of your choice with your class!
Take action on conservation
Adopt an endangered animal with your class and protect its cousins in the wild. For example, if you sponsor a red panda, the money collected will be donated in full to the Red Panda Network which protects pandas in Nepal.

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Frequently asked questions

Is prior booking mandatory?

Yes, all group outings to the park require advance reservation and a quote. Reserve online using our form!

When do you offer workshops and guided tours?

You can come to the park whenever you like! Whether for an end-of-year visit or to start the school year off right, we’re here to welcome you.

Do you offer activities for adults?

Yes! All our private visits and some of our workshops can be fully adapted to adults.