New in 2020 !

This year, we will welcome some incredible new species ! Come and discover in 2020 :

Beïsa Oryx

Native to the steppes of Africa, Oryx Beïsa is a sublime animal, with impetuous horns! He joins the giraffes, zebras and cobes on the African plain.

Mohrr’s gazelles

Gazelles are too a new species on the African plain! In the wild, this gazelle is critically endangered.

A couple of American porcupines

It’s a cousin of the African porcupine and the South American porcupine, the coendou. The American porcupine is found throughout North America, mainly in the forests.


A new restaurant with a new enclosure.

In July, we will open an new restaurant area. A new enclosure will be visible from outside and inside the restaurant. Several South American species will cohabit there: a couple of armadillos (Brioche, the male, and Chocolatine, the female), a sloth couple composed of Elmo and Juna, and tamarinds.


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