During your visit

Along the paths, observe red pandas, a snow leopard couple, binturongs and so much more.

"Worthy of the big parks! The setting is what makes it charming. The animals have plenty of room and seem to thrive. Perfect for a family outing! " Matthieu G
"A very beautiful animal park, perfect for a pleasant stroll. It's clear the animals enjoy it here. And as a bonus, it's located in a magnificent setting!" Laure L.
"Like a walk through the forest observing wild animals. Discreet enclosures along countryside paths. We've been coming here for several years, with children and grandchildren, both with and without a stroller. We have always found the staff friendly, available and pleasant. Always a great and enjoyable day. Not recommended for fans of concrete, glass or circuses - I hope it stays that way. Thank you for everything." Jean François L.

Dining on site

Chalet du Cézallier

Feeling peckish? Come and fill up on regional specialties and local products, in collaboration with 10 producers from Auvergne: truffade, aligot, local meats and cheeses, Lendon biscuits, paninis and sandwiches that you can savour with a beer.

Fancy something sweet? Try our ice cream, smoothies, hot and cold drinks and various sweet treats.

The chalet is located at the entrance to the park and is open all day long. There is a microwave available in the dining room. Indoor and outdoor seating.

Accepted payment methods: cash, checks, credit card.

Carré des Suricates

The "meerkat square" is open in July and August, depending on the weather, and serves ice cream and crepes.

If the stand is closed, the products are available at the chalet!

Accepted payment methods: cash, checks.

Sommet du Monde

You’ve arrived at the "top of the world", or at least the top of the park, and you deserve a break for a sandwich, hot-dog or panini (or several!) made on-site with local products. For dessert or for an afternoon snack, we serve crepes, ice cream and hot and cold drinks.

Please note:
The Sommet du Monde opens at 12:30 p.m. in July and August, depending on the weather. If the stand is closed, the products are available at the chalet!

There's a large playground directly across.

Accepted payment methods: cash, checks, credit card.

Himalayan Express train


€2 per person in cash paid to the driver


Departure every 20 to 30 min, 38 seats available.


Departure in front of the lower playground, below Jules the hippopotamus
With the support and funding of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.

Himalayan Express train

For groups

The train can be booked prior to your visit for 70 euros

All aboard

The train is running daily!
Hours will change in September

Traffic date 2020

4. 5 April, 11 April to 30 August, weekends in September and October, October holidays, 7, 8, 11 November
The Himalayan Express is pulling into the station!
Climb aboard our train, the Himalayan Express, for a journey to the summit of the park!
The conductor of this little train will take you to the top of the park, so you can enjoy the visit at your own pace on the way back down. You'll be able to take your time observing the animals you saw during the climb.

Meet our animals

Make your visit exceptional

Complete your visit with one of our exceptional experiences, for an up-close encounter with our animals alongside our keepers!

Keeper for a day

An exceptional experience up close with the residents of the park: see behind the scenes, prepare food and more. Spend a half-day in the shoes of a keeper!

On prior booking during your visit, starting at €125

Family safari

A unique, emotion-filled experience: a 4-hour safari up close with the animals in the park: visit behind the scenes, feedings, observing individuals, creating enrichments, bringing the animals inside with the keepers: all just for you and 3 of your friends or family.

On prior booking during your visit, €300 for 4 people

Up-close encounter

Want to learn more about your favourite species? Whether with the lions, tigers or red pandas, come spend a half hour alongside our keepers discovering all the secrets of your favourite animals.

Private wolf feeding

Kissos, Hateya and Taïma, our Canadian timber wolves are waiting for you to bring them their snack! Discover our incredible pack of black and white Canadian timber wolves during this exceptional experience while handing out their meat rations. It's a unique encounter, up close with this incredible and sometimes feared animal.

Book on the day of your visit at reception, €5 per person

Private giraffe feeding

What's more impressive than hand-feeding a giraffe, face-to-face? Join in the feeding of Johari, Zaïd, Djibouto and Rafiki for an exciting experience.

Book on the day of your visit at reception, €5 per person


Wooden structures with ropes for climbing, jumping and having fun!

The kids will love playing in the park’s two playgrounds.

Located at the top of the park and near the entrance, they’ll liven up your stroll and transform your children into real little monkeys!

Learning trail

5 stations for an immersion in the animal world on a discovery of the 5 senses. For all ages.

• Touch
Just like in Fort Boyard, you'll blindly slide your hands into boxes with a few surprises in store for you. Whose fur is this?
• Taste
Each animal has a unique set of teeth: guess who these belong to. Careful not to get bit!
• Hearing
Hearing is not only about sounds, but also about detecting vibrations! Aah-oooooo, can you recognize all the animal sounds?
• Sight
Near or far-sighted, you'll need a good set of eyes to find all the animal outlines in the surrounding area!
• Smell
For mammals, smelling is a matter of survival: having a stuffy nose is out of the question!

Gift shop

For the perfect gift or to treat yourself!

Before leaving the park, you’ll pass by the shop where you’ll find stuffed animals, books, clothes and more for an original gift that’s sure to please!

Items for the protection of threatened species!

We donate a portion of the sales in the shop to associations that protect the animals in the wild.

Access for visitors with reduced mobility

Given the natural and steep setting of the park, the visit may be difficult for guests in wheelchairs. We strongly recommend people in wheelchairs be accompanied during the visit. It is also advised to take the train, included in admission for persons with reduced mobility.

At reception, we have two strollers with all terrain wheels available for guests. The entire park is accessible for strollers, but we do not recommend taking the steps at the ibex enclosure. However, you can walk to the end of the enclosure via the bear bridge to get a look at these fabulous climbers.

For an easier visit



Starting this year, reserve our electric scooter for an easy climb up to the summit!

To book, please send the date of your visit to geraldine@parcanimalierdauvergne.fr

€15 for a half day
€25 for a full day

Himalayan Express

Our train will take you to the top of the park!

Tickets: €2 per person
Free for people with reduced mobility with an identification card

Scooter reservations

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