Current and future sponsors

Take action with us in the protection of endangered species by becoming a sponsor of the Parc Animalier d'Auvergne! Sponsor an enclosure, the new restaurant or become an animal sponsor with your company.

Sponsors of the tiger enclosure
CMF Structures and Oppidum helped us finance the tiger enclosure. A big thank you! And thank you as well to the Auvergne-Rhone Alpes region and the ERDF funds.
A large food donation for the animals
A big thank you to Leclerc La Pardieu, for their donation of unsold fruit, vegetables and meat for our animals!
Sponsor an animal
And display your company's name in the park.
More partners
Thank you Altospam for its partnership with the park!

Commit to endangered species

Take action with us in the protection of endangered species by becoming a sponsor of the Parc Animalier d’Auvergne! Sponsor an enclosure, the new restaurant, or become an animal sponsor with your company.

Our golden sponsors: donations of €10,000

Oppidum: sponsor of the tiger enclosure

Combining relevant ideas with an audacious tone in a relaxed environment conductive to creativity and with rigorous standards.

Oppidum is a little village built in the early days of 2008 by 4 partners sharing a common experience. And that little village has over time (and through our efforts!) become a city of new skills and a 360° service to customers of reference.

No matter the challenge you want us to take up, we’ll respond with the same level of passion.

More info at:

CMF Structures: sponsor of the tiger enclosure

CMF Structures is a leader in the field of metal construction thanks to its mastery of the entire process, from design up to assembly, including manufacturing and monitoring of the work.

The constant modernisation of our production tools, along with in-depth training of our teams, helps us to ensure you the best technical expertise.

More info at:

Our silver sponsors: donations between €1,000 and €9,999

Our bronze sponsors

GreenCup: partner of the park

Greencup is specialized in the marketing of personalized reusable cups for all events. A concept allowing to raise public awareness of the respect of the environment, with the use of a mass consumption product. To democratize the reusable cup in festive events (festivals, concerts, discos, concert halls, sports events…) to put an end to the disposable, such is the ambition of Greencup! In addition to being an innovative communication medium, Greencup reusable cups become a fun alternative for participants to make an eco-citizen gesture.

More information :

ALTOSPAM: partner of the park

This email security software is an online service that acts as a gateway for filtering emails and quickly removes spam and other unwanted emails that flood your inbox.

More info at:

A few examples of sponsorship

Become a sponsor of the new enclosure!

Next to the restaurant, your name will be highly visible by our visitors.

Become a sponsor of the seminar room

Promote awareness with the companies that use the room, and show them your commitment to the protection of biodiversity.

Become a sponsor of "Tête dans les étoiles"

An exceptional, one-of-a-kind event in Europe, with your "head in the stars"! Treat one of your customers to a night in a comfortable room, surrounded by animals. An unforgettable night!

Become a sponsor of the trail running race

Is your company in the sports sector? Partner with us for the race!

Another idea?

We are open to your suggestions!

Become a sponsor

Do you want to take action in protecting the animals and become a sponsor of the Park? Contact us, we’ll answer all your questions!

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