White-cheeked gibbon

Critically endangered

Jojo is the park's only white-cheeked gibbon

Scientific name : Nomascus leucogenys

Where do they live?

In the tropical forests of China and Vietnam

Did you know?

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They mainly use brachiation to get around, meaning they swing from tree branch to tree branch. These monkeys are arboreal, meaning that they live in trees.

Males are black with white cheeks and females are beige in colour. Like all gibbons, they do not have a tail. As for the young, they are all born the same colour! Their definitive colouring develops during the first two years.


45 to 70 cm .


6 kg.

Gestation period

210 days.

Life expectancy

28 years.

Keep up hope

A gibbon colony with 500 individuals discovered in 2011

While many gibbon species are endangered around the world, a new colony of white-cheeked gibbons was recently discovered in northern Vietnam in the forests of the Pu Mat National Park. The researchers of Conservation International (CI) were able to locate them thanks to their very loud morning song. A delight for the scientists who nevertheless always fear the extinction of the species.