Sika deer

Least concern

There are 20 sika deer in the park!

Scientific name : Cervus nippon

Where do they live?

Native to the Far East (Siberia, China, Korea and Japan). Introduced in various regions around the world, particularly in Europe.

Did you know?

All sika deer in France are descendants of individuals given to President Carnot by the Emperor of Japan during an official visit in 1890. They have prospered throughout parks and enclosures where their offspring were bred. The majority of the "wild" population is the result of animals that escaped from parks or enclosures, in particular following the storm of 1999.

Sika deer live in temperate and subtropical forests. They are easy to distinguish from other deer: they're smaller than fallow deer and their antlers are smaller and simpler. They live in large groups of up to 80 individuals.


90 cm at the withers.


1.20 m.


50 to 60 kg.

Life expectancy

25 years.

Gestation period

240 days.

Keep up hope

A growing population at risk of hybridization

Neither the fragmentation of its habitat nor hunting constitute a threat for the deer today: its population is increasing. Nonetheless, scientists are concerned about genetic mixing and hybridization between red deer and sika deer.