There are 3 siamangs in the park: Honey, Waru and their baby Tuli!

Scientific name : Symphalangus syndactylus

Where do they live?

In the equatorial forests of Malaysia and the island of Sumatra in Indonesia.

Did you know?

A voice beyond the mountains

Careful of the decibels! Their call can be heard more than five kilometers away! They have a large throat pouch on their neck that works like a sound box and allows it to make loud calls. The pouch is hairless and inflates when the siamang calls.

They live in both plains and mountains, up to an elevation of 3800 m!
The siamang is the largest of all the species of gibbons. Its second and third finger are connected by a membrane, and their feet have five toes. Siamangs can grab and carry things just as well with their arms as with their legs.


8 to 13 kg.


75 to 90 cm.

Arm length

1.50 to 1.80 m.

Gestation period

190 to 240 days.

Life expectancy

35 years.

Papa Gibbon, a doting dad

Siamangs are monogamous and the female is dominant. This species has family ties that are even stronger than other gibbons. The male, the female and their young are hardly ever more than ten metres away from one another. Baby siamangs cling to their mother until the age of 8 months. The father then carries the young, and returns it to the mother for breastfeeding and to sleep.