Red squirrel

Least concern

5 red squirrels live together in the park

Scientific name : Sciurus vulgaris

Where do they live?

In a large portion of Europe (with the exception of Portugal and southern England), in northern Asia as well as from the eastern Urals all the way to China and Korea.

Did you know?

Squirrel bridges have been effective in limiting habitat fragmentation caused by our roads. Whether a braided rope or a mini monkey bridge, these measures have proved useful. In Isère, France, they are considering equipping poles with ladders so that the squirrels can use the tramway to cross above the roads.

They're found near woodlands and in forests, in particular in old-growth forests. They lead individual lives, except during the spring mating season.
In winter, red squirrels are less active. They do not hibernate, and extreme cold weather can be fatal. They sometimes migrate in large numbers to regions where the temperatures are warmer.

Body length

18 to 25 cm.

Length of the tail

16 to 20 cm.


200 to 350 g.

Life expectancy

7 years in the wild and 10 years in captivity .

Gestation period

38 days.

Human-Animal Connection

An actor in their ecosystem

They might be responsible for planting acorns or hazelnuts that they bury and forget. The squirrels forget some of their hiding places for food that could help contribute not only to the planting of many trees, but also to the dispersal of truffles.