Least concern

We have 10 raccoons in the park!

Scientific name : Procyon lotor

Where do they live?

Native to North America, the species lives in southern Canada and the majority of the United States, Mexico and Central America in the intertropical zone.

Did you know?

Named for its habit
In many languages, including French, the raccoon owes its name to its habit of "washing" its food by dipping it in water before eating.

The raccoon lives in mixed temperate forests, hardwood forests and agricultural regions. They are found on the edge of forests, along rivers and in swamps at almost all latitudes of North America. They are also found in city parks and the suburbs.


80 cm.


Between 4 and 9 kg, its mass can increase by 50% in the autumn.

Life expectancy

3 to 5 years in the wild, and up to 15 years in captivity.

Unlike other species, the raccoon is multiplying

The raccoon is considered a threat to biodiversity and has been classified by the Council of Europe as an invasive species. Its eradication is recommended because of its impact on local wildlife. The raccoon population must be controlled in order to protect the more fragile species that it preys on.