Not threatened

We have a rabbit who lives with the with the Araucana hens!

Scientific name : Oryctolagus cuniculus

Where do they live?

In our homes

Did you know?

The Flemish Giant rabbit that you can observe at the park is the largest breed of the rabbit species! It can weigh up to 10 kg. Its body is long and very muscular, and its long, straight ears can measure up to 20 cm.

Rabbits are small mammals characterised by their large ears, which are thought to be an adaptation for detecting predators. They are often erroneously classified as rodents, but they are in fact lagomorphs. The main difference is their teeth: rodents have two pairs of long incisors, whereas lagomorphs have 2 additional small incisors in their upper jaw.
It is also common to confuse rabbits and hares. Rabbits have a smaller body and ears, while hares have hind legs that are much longer than their front legs, allowing them to jump and run very quickly.


50 cm.


2.5 kg.

Maximum speed

40 km/h.

Sexual maturity

4 months.

Gestation period

Up to 33 days.


They eat between 200 and 500 g of food per day..