Pygmy goat

Not threatened

Thérèse, Monique, Josette, Brigitte, Bérénice, Berthe (Brigitte's daughter) and Sebast' (the billy goat)

Scientific name : Capra aegagrus hircus

Where do they live?

They are native to Africa, mainly in steep mountains.


Did you know?

An adorable lawnmower
Today, these goats can be found all over France. They're used to clear brush and are kept as pets more and more often. This mini goat adapts very easily and bonds very quickly with its humans!

Pygmy goats are a hardy breed of African origin with a domesticated status. They're endearing, social and affectionate animals and often live in groups. Goats are playful and like to chase after each other.


40 to 50 cm.


17 to 30 kg for males and 12 to 20 kg for females.

Life expectancy

14 years.

Gestation period

150 days.

Human-Animal Connection

Goats and humans: a long history

Goats were domesticated way back around 7500 BC! Goats have always been alongside humans (milk, meat). But if a single small herd is abandoned in the wild, they can multiply at an alarming rate and quickly convert an island paradise into a rocky, infertile and sterile land.