Prevost’s squirrel

Least concern

Flop and Flap are the park's two Prevost's squirrels

Scientific name : Callosciurus prevostii

Where do they live?

They are present in southern Thailand, Malaysia, and in Indonesia, including on the islands of Sumatra, Borneo and other small nearby islands

Did you know?

Where their habitat has been converted to agriculture, these squirrels love the fruit of oil palms, which creates conflicts with the plantation owners.

Native to Southeast Asia, Prevost's squirrels are diurnal, arboreal animals. That means they are active during the day and spend most of their time in trees. On average, they measure 50 cm long and are black on the top and reddish on the underside with a white band separating these two sections.
Their diet consists mainly of fruit.

Body length

24 cm.

Length of the tail

23 cm.


360 g.

Life expectancy

15 years.

Gestation period

5 weeks.

Keep up hope

Prevost's squirrels are not currently threatened. However, the destruction of their habitat and the pet trade might soon affect their population. Most of the natural habitats where they live are extremely threatened.