A group of 8 males live together in the park

Scientific name : Cuon alpinus lepturus

Where do they live?

They are present in central and eastern Asia (Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, Thailand, Myanmar)

Did you know?

Good swimmers
Dholes love water and swim very well. During or after a meal, they like to go drink in the water where they sometimes sit down. They sometimes pull prey into the water to put them at a disadvantage and catch them more easily.

Dholes live and hunt in packs of 5 to 20 individuals. They are the only canid that does not attack its prey at the throat, but rather from behind or by disembowelling them. Two or three adult dholes can kill a 50 kg deer in less than 2 minutes, and small prey are killed with a quick blow to the head. Within the group, however, there is very little aggressiveness. They do not fight for food; it goes to whoever eats the fastest. An adult can devour 4 kg of meat in an hour. The pack also works together to raise the offspring of the dominant couple by regurgitating meat for the young and the mother. The dominant female gives birth to several young, up to 8 per litter, that she suckles with her 16 teats.

Body length

90 cm.

Length of the tail

40 cm.


Around 20 kg.

Life expectancy

Around 16 years.

Gestation period

2 months.

Human-Animal Connection

Hunters helping the population

Dholes do not generally attack humans, but do sometimes attack cattle, which generates conflicts with farmers. However, locals hunt dholes in exchange for animals killed by the pack.