Bush pig

Least concern

Thrall and Durotan are the park's two bush pigs

Scientific name : Potamochoeurs porcus

Where do they live?

In the west and the centre of sub-Saharan Africa and in Madagascar.

Did you know?

They are present on the island of Madagascar

There are two theories for the presence of the bush pig in Madagascar. The first is that humans introduced the species, while the second suggests that they arrived on papyrus beds that detached into floating islands and drifted away from the African continent.

The bush pig is the smallest wild pig in Africa. It is characterised by its long pointy ears, a white mask on the face and, in males, black warts near the eyes hidden by black hairs. The parents build a grass nest around 3 m long and 1 m deep for litters of 1 to 6 offspring. The bush pig is a social animal that lives in family groups (4 to 20 members). The different groups do not mix and sometimes fight.
The bush pig searches for food using its snout that is very sensitive to touch and smell.


1.5 m .


Between 50 and 90 cm at the withers.


40 - 130 kg.

Life expectancy

15 years in the wild, 20 years in captivity.

Gestation period

120 days.

Keep up hope

The bush pig meat trade

Hunting for its meat contributes to its population decline in Gabon, as does the fact that it is a vector of disease for domestic animals. Nevertheless, conservation organisations are working today to prevent the trade of its meat.