Black-capped squirrel monkey

Least concern
Scientific name : Saimiri boliviensis peruviensis

Where do they live?

In the dense forests of South America

Did you know?

What does the squirrel monkey use its tail for? It uses it as a scarf, wrapping it around its body to protect itself from the cold. An effective strategy for this species that suffers from the slightest drop in temperature.

Nicknamed the "squirrel monkey of Bolivia", the black-capped squirrel monkey is part of the Cebidae family. It is recognizable thanks to its multi-coloured coat: its back and the ends of its limbs are a bright golden-yellow, while the chest and the tail are white. They live in rain forests near rivers and feed mainly on insects, fruit and seeds.
The black-capped squirrel monkey is rather social and lives in large groups of 35 to 65 individuals on average.
Today, the monkey is threatened due to trafficking and is also used in medical and space research.


31 cm.

Length of the tail

36 cm.


1.1 kg.

Life expectancy

25 years.

Gestation period

158 days.

A group of bachelors!

Group life is a bit particular with black-capped squirrel monkeys. Adolescent males leave their mother's group to go live among themselves. They first form groups of adolescents, and once they mature, they join groups of adult males where they must earn their place in the hierarchy. Apart from during the three-month long breeding season, they do not live with females!