Barbary macaque


The seniors of the group, Arthur, Albator, Scar, Flora, Zira, Daenerys and Roukine live together with Virginia, Cruella, Palotte (3 young females), Elrond, Cocard, Ardi, Arbis, Lipstick, Cersei, Jaime, Tyrion, Mickael (9 young males) and 3 babies born in 2018!

Scientific name : Macaca sylvanus

Where do they live?

In the mountain forests of Morocco and Algeria.

Did you know?

A morphological adaptation to the mountains
Barbary macaques present a number of morphological adaptations to the cold weather linked to their mountain environment (temperate summers and harsh winter). Their tails and fingers are shorter than other monkeys, which might freeze if they were longer. Their spine is long in relation to their limbs, which allows them to curl up in a ball to maintain their body temperature. Their fur also thickens drastically in the cold season.

The Barbary macaque, also known as the magot, is the only living macaque species on the African continent; the others live in Asia. They are confined to the forested mountainous regions of northern Africa (800 to 2200 m).
They are also the only monkeys in Europe since they were introduced to Gibraltar.
Barbary macaques differ from other macaques by the fact that the males help take care of the young.


11 to 17 kg.


50 to 60 cm .

Life expectancy

30 years.

Gestation period

190 days.

Birth weight

Offspring weigh 450 g at birth.

Keep up hope

The rock of Gibraltar has belonged to them for centuries

The macaque population was present on the Rock of Gibraltar well before it fell under English, and then British, sovereignty in the 18th century. In his 1782 book Historia de Gibraltar, Spanish historian Ignacio López de Ayala talks of the monkeys: "Neither the incursions of Moor, the Spaniards nor the English, nor cannon nor bomb of either have been able to dislodge them." The Barbary macaques on the rock were likely introduced by the Moors, who occupied the southern Iberian Peninsula from 711 to 1492 and who kept the monkey as pets.