Alpine ibex

Least concern

15 ibexes live together in the park

Scientific name : Capra ibex ibex

Where do they live?

In the Alps, depending on the season, they live at an elevation from 500 to 3300 m

Did you know?

It's an animal that lets you get close.
Keen hikers can admire the ibex in the wild. They let humans get close, not because they let their guard down, but rather because they know that they only need a few hops to get out of your reach.

Found mainly in high mountain areas, alpine ibexes prove agile on rocky ridges. Depending on the season, they live at an elevation that varies from 500 to 3000 m. They climb the highest in the summer months. Ibexes usually moves at a slow pace, though they can gallop up to 70 km/h. They most often live in groups with a dominant male.


Between 70 et 90 cm at the withers.


1.50 m.


Between 65 and 100 kg.


The horns of the males can reach 1 m long and the pair weighs up to 6 kg. .

Gestation period

170 days.

Keep up hope

They owe their survival to a king

100,000 years ago, ibexes lived in all of Central Europe's rocky regions. They were even a source of inspiration for numerous cave paintings made during the Upper Palaeolithic period. The species has been highly hunted for centuries. It owes its survival to monarchs from Savoie. King Charles Felix of Savoie signed a decree banning the hunting of alpine ibexes on royal lands in 1821! Today the population of the species is increasing on its natural habitat.